When it comes to women and money it’s a complex relationship.  On the one hand, you understand the need to focus on your financial health.  On the other hand, if you’re like most women, you’ve probably avoided learning about how to make healthy financial decisions.  Combine this with the fact that women are more likely than men to live at the poverty level and be the sole support of families and you have a situation where managing money seems like the furthest thing from your mind.   You’re working as hard as you can to earn it and stretch it.

Bloom Again Foundation wants to help.  Through grants and a partnership with the Pasadena Financial Center, we are now offering free financial literacy workshops in both English and Spanish geared toward low-wage earners.  And, the best part?  We will come to YOU! We can arrange to deliver the program at your location for the women you serve.

Topics included in this ninety-minute program:

  • How to think differently about money.
  • How to set a budget that works for you.
  • How to start an emergency fund on any amount of income.
  • How to start saving money every week.
  • 10 simple ways to take charge of your money.
  • The difference between saving and investing for retirement.
  • … and so much more!

If you meet the following criteria, then we can work together to help the women you serve to become more savvy about money:

  • A nonprofit organization of any kind
  • Serve women earning less than $40,000 annually
  • Have locations in Southern California
  • Have a suitable space in which to hold the workshop

Please contact Dr. Lois Frankel for more information using the contact form on this site.

Bloom Again Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides rapid response financial assistance for living essentials to working women who live at or near the poverty when they lose income due to treatment for cancer or other serious illnesses. To learn more visit our website